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All living things need food to grow. Unfortunately, given various environments and conventional farming practices are heavy in biocides and low in sustainability, many soils have become devoid of the food/nutrient levels necessary to sustain healthy, nutritious, voluminous trees, fruits, and vegetables. Commercial soil inputs created (in an attempt to rebalance what has been killed or removed) are often insoluble and unavailable to the plant. Using wisdom and research from indigenous natural farming practices and systems, we have created a set of plant foods and protectors to organically, naturally feed your soil and plants. Together these increase microorganism density and diversity, increase biosphere density, reduce and balance any pest/fungal infestations, increase seed germination rates, increase yield, and decrease cost (compared to both current organic and conventional methods) by up to 90%. The science background includes Korean Natural Farming, Jadam Organic Farming, Hawaiian Indigenous Natural Agriculture, the University of Hawaii, the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture, and the United States Department of Agriculture. Simultaneously these solutions create sustainable soils, regenerative land, clean, balanced water systems, and eventually create a growing atmosphere that lives and breathes on its own; without any further soil amending. Imagine if the whole world could just grow their food, right inside and outside their own homes. It’s now possible.

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