Garden Prodigy Bio-Fizz MADE IN HAWAII

Garden Prodigy was founded in 2016 with a commitment to recognize the balance between plant science and biodynamic principles to create wild-crafted nutrient emancipating products while keeping our focus on methods with the most sustainable approach in mind.
Since 2003, we have been researching plant bioacoustics, plant neurobiology, soil microbiology, quantum physics and biodynamic agriculture.  By developing proprietary fermentation and isolation methods, we created a process to identify, collect and multiply nature’s plant specific microbes to break the bond of locked up nutrients.  We then put them through our Prodigy Process™ which resulted in advanced liquid additive that improves nutrient access and overall balance within the plant/root bio-field.  Bio-Fizz™ is the first product realized and produced by Garden Prodigy


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