Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator

Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator
Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator
Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator
Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator

The Amazing Doctor Zymes


Eliminator by The Amazing Doctor Zymes is an all natural, enzyme derived, insecticide and fungicide that can be used for the treatment and prevention of mites, thrips, aphids, whitefly, it can also kill both the larvae and eggs to stop future outbreaks.

When used as a soil drench, The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator is also extremely effective at eliminating fungus gnats, root aphids along with other soil borne insects. And that’s not all as this fantastic product can also tackle problems with fungus, molds and mildew, making Eliminator a must have for any grow room.

And being enzyme based, it is completely harmless to use and a non-toxic solution to tackle those outbreaks of pests and diseases, it’s also 100% environmentally friendly, contains zero harmful pesticides, the ingredients are food hygiene standard and be used right up to the day of harvest.

Key advantages of using The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator include:
  • 100% Natural enzyme derived & environmentally friendly insecticide and fungicide
  • Made from food hygiene standard ingredients
  • Eliminates mites, thrips, gnats, aphids, whitefly, fungus, molds & mildew
  • Can be used throughout the plants life right up till harvest

Directions of use:

Eliminator can be used both in and out doors, and in order for it to work effectively, when applying, you must make sure it makes contact with any insects, pests, eggs and larvae.

When using as a foliar spray, make sure the entire plant, including the tops and bottoms of the leaves, around the stems and anywhere where pests reside has a healthy misting of Eliminator.

As a soil drench, pour evenly throughout the medium making sure Eliminator makes contact with affected areas.