Tango Fire Ant Control

Tango Fire Ant Control



*Currently Only Available in Pints and 2.5 Gallon Sizes


Tango™ is an effective treatment for the control of Little Fire Ants. Foraging worker ants bring bait back to the colony where it is fed to the queen and larvae. The active ingredient in this liquid concentrate, (S)-methoprene, is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that works by sterilizing the queen and preventing larvae from developing.


Approved for application both indoors and outdoors, Tango™ is designed to be mixed with an appropriate bait matrix and applied at sites of ant activity. Monitor for ant activity and replenish bait mixture as needed to achieve control of ant populations. Tango™ is approved for use in vineyards, row crops, bearing and non-bearing fruit trees, citrus and nut groves and other crop and non-crop areas.


  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bait stations not required as they may hinder bait acceptance
  • Active ingredient Insect Growth Regulator (S)-methoprene