Lab Society

Lab Society is your source for top-of-the-line chemistry equipment and laboratory products.

We believe that when it comes to competing in today’s manufacturing markets: “time is of the essence.”

What’s more, timely production is essential for a company to achieve positive growth in the marketplace.  That’s why at Lab Society, we are constantly striving to manufacture and source the highest quality and most affordable scientific equipment on the market. We’ve done all of the hard work for you, so you can shop with confidence.

Our goal is to save your business time, capital, and resources,  and we achieve this by providing the best, most customizable options to fit your company’s needs.

Not only does Lab Society save your business time and money on equipment, but we also can help you design your own perfect laboratory. We have years of hands-on experience building work spaces and setting up equipment. So our partners and consultants can deliver at the highest level when designing your space.

Some of our services are:

  • Laboratory/Work Space design
  • Lab Equipment setup & operation
  • Custom process design – tailoring specific techniques to your products
  • Hands-on process consultations
  • Product production – everything from process control, dosing, efficiency, scalability, and marketing
  • End-Product appearance, packaging, and consistency

*ALL Lab Society products are available for order through Hilo Grow Shop, LLC. Call us today at 808.339.3232 for a quote!

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