6-inch Carbon Air Filter 1050+IAV Activated Australia Virgin Charcoal

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This carbon air filter is used for removing odor and particulates from the air through
physical filtration as well as chemical absorption with advanced and efficient
activated Australia charcoal, which is a form of carbon that has processed with
oxygen to create millions of Tiny pores between the carbon atoms.

Measures 6-inch by 16-inch, high performing 400 CFM;
Fit for 6-inch air ducting and 6-inch inline fan, which is a equipment combo for use in grow tent, greenhouse, etc, with amazing absorbent effectiveness;
Zinc coating is applied to the metal for rust protection, maximum strength and durability;
Aluminum flange top and bottom are exchangeable and can be inverted, which will improve the efficiency and extend the working life;
Advanced and activated Australia charcoal adopted, high efficiency and maximum ill-smelling odors control, clean incoming or outgoing air;
Professional quality Pre-filter, made of helps to remove dust, airborne particles and mosquitoes;
Easy to install and operate that will keep you free from any unnecessary mess or hassle.