Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit

Advanced Nutrients


Advanced Nutrients’ Starter Kit provides hobbyist growers with a curated collection of our award-winning nutrients. Inside this box, you’ll find seven key products that are delivering cup-winning results to growers across the globe, including plant-specific base nutrients, best-in-class bloom boosters, and a root mass expander. Each of these formulations is the result of game-changing discoveries in the world of cultivation, making it easier than ever for beginner growers and hobbyists to achieve top-shelf harvests at home.

Whether you’re a devoted Advanced Nutrients grower ready to explore new additives, or you’re just discovering the line and simply curious what sets us apart, this is the perfect set to start your upcoming journey. Launch into success with our world-famous base nutrients complete with our proprietary pH Perfect technology, and stand by as our most popular additives yield spectacular performances. Each Starter Kit includes a dedicated recipe to help guide your grow.

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