Garden Prodigy Bio-Fizz (buy 2 get 2 free)

Garden Prodigy Bio-Fizz (buy 2 get 2 free)

Garden Prodigy


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Bio-Fizz® is the first wild-crafted, probiotic stimulant that maximizes phosphorus, potassium and micronutrient availability, while invigorating natural health within the plant. This concentrated solution will elevate fruit and flower growth, increase dry weight yield, enhance the flavor profiles, extend the shelf life of cut flowers and support a healthy atmosphere in the bio-field around the plant and rhizosphere.  

Bio-Fizz® is made from the natural fermentation of a proprietary blend of targeted beneficial bacteria. After incubation, the culture is filtered, stabilized and concentrated to produce one of the most dynamic plant stimulants for the professional agriculturist.


Directions for use in soil:

Use as a seed soak for better germination: Soak seeds in a weak solution (1:10) of Bio-Fizz® and water for 48 hrs. Remove and plant as normal.

For early vegetative growth/cloning: .5 ml/gallon

For aggressive vegetative growth and transition to bloom stage:  1.5ml/gallon of water

For bloom stage-  3ml/gallon

Ripening Stage- 3.5ml/gallon

Flush- 1ml/gallon


Directions for hydroponics:

Use 1ml/gallon for all systems throughout entire growth phase.