Bioflora Compost 1.5 cf



BioFlora Organic Compost™ with fish/seaweed has been developed to meet the highest standards in the industry and yet still be competitive with less expensive artificial composts generally made from a mixture of sewage sludge and sawdust or green waste.

Composition: BioFlora's thermophilic compost is a product of microbial decomposition of a variety of organic materials including manures, straw and organic plant residues. Humic acid, fish emulsion and seaweed are also added. There is no sewage sludge or tree bark in it.

Nutrient Analysis: BioFlora's compost contains most of the essential growth elements needed for plants and soil microbes. Although most composts contain very little NPK values, the following analyses are typical of BioFlora's compost: N = 0.70, P = 1.50, K = 1.00.pH

Analysis: Composts can vary a great deal in pH depending upon the source of their raw material. Good composts will have a pH in the 6.8 to 7.5 range. BioFlora's compost has a pH rating of 7.4 which is within range for horticulture applications.

Microbial Diversity: Species richness diversity is important in soils and composts because it allows for a more varied and flexible response to environmental fluctuations and stress.

Heavy Metals: Premium composts should be low in heavy metals. These metals can be toxic to plants and in large quantities to humans. Many of the composts marketed today are made with or from sewage sludge and are often high in heavy metals. BioFlora's compost is made from natural materials.

Pathogen Inhibition: Pathogens can be found in most soils. However, Mother Nature has developed a natural system of fighting off these diseases by creating natural microbial enzymes and natural antibiotic defenses.

Compost Stability: This refers to the degree to which composts have decomposed to a more stable material; stability promotes good plant growth and soil activity. BioFlora Organic Compost™ rates well within the highest quality compost standard.

Quality Texture: BioFlora's compost is screened to 3/16" and can be used as a soil amendment, mulch or potting soil.