Bokashi Microbes

Bokashi Microbes

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Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning ‘fermented organic matter’.  It uses effective microorganisms (EM-1®) to breakdown all organic material.  EM-1® was developed by Dr. Teuro Higa at Ryukyu University in the 1980’s. 

Traditional composting takes time, is labor intensive, and very limited.  With our Bokashi Composting System people can can compost all food waste and organic matter (meat, fish, poultry, fried stuff, baked stuff, rice, cheese, greens, citrus, leftovers, animal waste, and more).  The microorganisms are going to extract the nutrients from food waste and its byproduct is a compost tea that is healthy for the soil, plants, and environment.  When diluted 1:1000, people can use it as a foliar spray, fertilizer for plants, toilets, aquaponics, and more.  The food waste itself is buried in the next spot where you want to plant.  

The idea is to get the broken down organic matter back into the soil so that beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil will finish it off.  Those beneficial fungi and bacteria are then eaten by the roots of plants, bugs and insects, which are then eaten by small animals and grazing mammals.  And that is what we know as the Soil Food Web.  Over the years, fungicides, pesticides, and chemicals have killed many harmful bacteria, fungi, and insects; however, they also kill all the beneficial bacteria, fungi, and insects in our environment.  Bokashi works on excluding the harmful bacteria and insects without harming the good.  Our company is focused on restoring balance back into our environment and looks to protect all of its inhabitants.