Crustacean Meal 40lb



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Pro-Pell-It! Crustacean Meal is a great source of slow release nitrogen, calcium, and essential trace minerals. Its high calcium content promotes the growth of strong cell walls and is ideal for young seedlings that need of a steady calcium supply. Crustacean Meal also improves soil health by creating a hostile environment for harmful pests. Crustacean Meal contains chitin, the main component in the exoskeletons of not only crabs and shrimp, but insects, grubs and some fungi. When you add Crustacean Meal to your soil you are providing a source of food for the beneficial organisms that feed on chitin. This stimulation will lead to a strong population of chitin eating bacteria in the soil which will then begin to seek out and feed on other sources of chitin (nematodes, grubs, insects, and fungi).

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