Diamond K KMS (K Mag) 50lb

Diamond K


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Source of Sulfur, Potassium & Magnesium, Diamond K is an organic natural source of readily available 22% S, 21.5% K & 10.8% Mg. (Note: this product readily absorbs moisture, which may cause it to solidify either in storage or while it is being used. The product will still be viable and soluble, though it may take a little longer to go into solution.)

  • Amounts to use are determined by soil analysis; generally, broadcast and work in at 20-50 lb/acre, foliar apply 1-2 lb/acre
  • Does not change soil pH
  • Dissolves slowly and resists leaching from the soil


Fertilizer Type Water-Soluble Major Nutrients Sulfur, Trace Minerals
Organic Certifier OMRI, WSDA, CDFA Organic Status Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
Nutrient Release Rate Immediate (0-1 Months) Use as Foliar Yes
Animal-Based No