Mauka Organics Si 10lb

Mauka Organics


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Mauka Organics Si is a naturally produced and unaltered plant amendment that builds strong roots, stems and foliage. It improves yield and quality of many plant species by building more biomass through increased nutrient uptake. This natural fertilizer helps enhance the production of chlorophyll which in turn increases the number of co2 receptors in plant tissue.  Mauka Organics Si is an adjuvant utilized for it's ability to enhance nitrogen reducing its volatility, and for unlocking phosphorous in soils.  

Mauka Organics Si is highly absorbent helping soils to retain moisture more efficiently which allows for less frequent watering.  Mauka Organics Si is adsorbent of volatile organic compounds helping plants plant increase their shelf life by slowing the process of decay in plant matter.  Since silicon is the only element that expands when it freezes it offers plants grow in a rich supply of silicon frost protection, drought and salt resistance along with alleviating abiotic and biotic stresses.