Paint Sprayer with 12Kp Pressure and 1300ml Detachable Container



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TECCPO TAPS02P electric paint sprayer is an indoor/outdoor hand-held sprayer kit for all projects. Perfect for the home owner, suitable for tables, chairs, bicycles, shutters, fences, wooden toys, models making and etc.; Whether you're just painting the kitchen or an outside fence, Our Paint Sprayers can always help you get the job done fast,.

paint sprayer

►1. Metal Valve Core: Sturdy and durable, no need to disassemble that makes it more convenient to use.

►2. Larger Capacity: The 45-fluid ounce extra-large container enables you to spray larger projects without having to refill as often, saving your precious time. Works awesome both for home painting or industrial painting.

►3. Copper Cores: With good conductivity, it could reduce resistance and maintain a good working temperature and extend the motor life.

►4. Built-in Impeller: Perfect built-in impeller for better boosting of the fuselage.

Coating Materials Suitable for Use

Water- and solvent-based paints, finishes, primers, 2-component paints, clear finishes, automotive finishes, staining sealers and wood sealer-preservatives.

Coating Materials Not Suitable for Use

Wall paints (emulsion paints) etc., alkali and acidic paints. Coating materials with a fash point below 38°C.