Sea Green (All Sales Final - Product Will Expand - Burp Often)

Sea Green (All Sales Final - Product Will Expand - Burp Often)

Primordial Solutions


Sea Green is compost extract that gives you twice the amount of solution for half the cost! That’s just calculating the cost as a microbial inoculant alone. It also contains yucca, humic acid, and molasses, so you’re getting even more bang for your buck.

All of our products are SUPER CONCENTRATED. That means that you aren’t paying for excess water, packaging, and shipping like you do with other prediluted products on the market. Just 2oz of Sea Green makes a 55 gallon drum of instant compost tea!

Not only does this make our products more cost effective for the end user, but it also makes them greener for the planet as well.


Increase quantity and quality of your product while increasing plant health and vigor.

Effective in soil or hydroponics, with organic or salt-based nutrients, as our product will rapidly respond to any growing environment.

Buffer against salt and high EC conditions associated with poor soil or heavy feeding.

See results quickly with Sea Green, which breathes new life into your garden in a single application.




Use any brand Cal/Mag as directed throughout vegetative growth and week 1 of flower.

Add supplemental organic nitrogen as needed in mid/late veg through early flower (e.g. top dress a high nitrogen amendment [like fish meal or bat guano] or water in 5-1-1 fish hydrolysate).