Advanced Nutrients


100% ORGANIC. Containing over 80 different enzymes, Advanced Nutrients SensiZym breaks down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients. Also helps to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water elements to specific sites. Other SensiZym enzymes speed up the regulatory process within the plant, and still other enzymes help in cell replication. 300% more potent than products from competing manufacturers.



• Enhances utilization of water and water-borne elements

• Contains over 80 enzymes required by plants

• Provides superior results

• 300% more potent than products from competeing brands

• Longest shelf life of all enzymatic products



Mix 2 ml per liter (0.4 tsp per quart) during weeks 1 through 6 of your flowering phase. That’s all it takes to achieve the incredible results