Silica Blast

Silica Blast
Silica Blast
Silica Blast



Silica Blast Plant Bio-Mass Yield Enhancer is a beneficial nutrient supplement aimed to strength plant tissue and be used in conjunction with Botanicare nutrients or your preferred standard nutrient program. Silica Blast is ideal for use in soilless container and hydroponic applications as well as soil applications. The silicate in Silica Blast helps the formation of a sturdy silicate matrix in cell walls. The strengthened cells result in reduced transpiration rates and allows plants to continue photosynthesis under stressful conditions.

  • Helps plants flourish in extreme environments
  • Useful in multiple growing environments
  • Continued photosynthesis in hotter environments
  • Strengthens stems
  • Increased dry weight in most plant varieties
  • Stabilizes pH in recirculating hydrogardens
  • Silicate increases dry weight in many plant varieties