Malibu Compost

Malibu Compost is more than just another company.  It’s our family, friends, and rescue animals.  It’s our farmers who strive to nurture their animals and land amidst an environment of increasingly massive factory farms. Most importantly, it’s the passion we share with our customer in helping to protect our environment through the use of Biodynamic principles.  Sustaining people, sustaining planet, sustaining commerce.  Malibu Compost strives to be ecologically and socially responsible in everything we do because healing our world means fixing every part of it.

Not all composts are the same. Malibu Compost products are hand-crafted, using only fully finished compost that is made according to traditional Biodynamic practices. By partnering with regional family farms, we provide a new source of revenue, thereby sustaining their livelihood and standard of animal care while providing us with organic manures of the highest quality and integrity. Our products are proudly Demeter-certified Biodynamic®, the highest agricultural standard in the world.

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